Support for the Bitcoin course: companies have already bought for 30 billion

At least 1.15 million Bitcoin of the total of 21 million are currently in the hands of companies. The current soaring price is most likely due to the companies‘ interest.

The website made an interesting list. The list shows companies that have invested part of their capital in Crypto Code.

Which companies invest in Bitcoin?

On the list, companies are divided into public companies, private companies, and ETF-like ventures. The major public companies include MicroStrategy Inc., Galaxy Digital Holdings and Square Inc. The biggest player in this area is MicroStrategy with 70,400 Bitcoin, which are now valued at over 1.9 billion USD.

Purely private companies also hold a lot of Bitcoin. For example, the former crypto exchange MTGOX KK from Japan still has more than 141,000 Bitcoin and thus tops this part of the list. This is followed by and „The Tezos Foundation“.

The giant among them all and leader of the ETF part is the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, which manages more than 572,000 Bitcoin. Grayscale Investments offers cryptocurrency funds. This is followed by CoinShares / XBT providers with a remarkable 69,730 Bitcoin and Ruffer Investment Company with 45,000 coins.

How big is the Bitcoin share?

Even if the numbers may sound astronomical for private investors, all companies on the list “only” hold about 1.1 million of the total of 21 million minable Bitcoin . According to that would be 5.48% of the total. Mathematically, according to the current exchange rate, this Bitcoin is worth over USD 31 billion.

Is the strategy working?

As things stand, the companies that have invested in Bitcoin have made huge profits. For example, the long-standing, extremely successful CEO Michael Saylor stated in an interview that he sees Bitcoin as protection against rampant inflation. In December, his company invested its reserves in Bitcoin at his instigation and paid a total of USD 450 million for it. Meanwhile, the purchased Bitcoin are worth a total of USD 800,442,000. The investment has more than paid off.

What are the Bitcoin prospects like?

In the last few days, a previously unknown bull market for Bitcoin has developed, which is also pulling the other Altcoins up with it (exception: Ripple XRP). When you consider that there are still a large number of much larger players in the market, such as hedge funds and pension funds, you can look more than hopefully into the Bitcoin future. As soon as these giants get on board, there should be no stopping them.

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